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    " 1950s ~ 1980s Czechoslovakia "


    Birth and Resurrection of ZDA

    ZDA was launched in 1950-1980 in Partizanske, Czechoslovakia, and restored all the soles, lasts and machines they had at that time, and revived the SS season in 2016 with the addition of their current technology. With ZDA, the presence of the brushes, frames, and machines that were manufactured at that time was a great opportunity for this revival, and still a small factory is stubbornly producing handmade goods. With the introduction of marathons, mountain climbing and trainer shoes, high-level technology is introduced to provide a comfortable fit and a range of comfortable and cushioned products.




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    " Clothes you want to wear after 10 years "



    Launched in 2008 under the concept of "Clothes I Want to Wear Even After Ten Years," Odinnery Fitts is a brand with high quality conditions such as silhouettes, sewing, and texture of fabric based on its brand name. Their exceptional technology is widely popular in many countries as it is based on years of experience at its factory in Kojima, the birthplace of denim, and is creating clothing that will be part of the wearer's daily life, not clothes that are worn and thrown away in accordance with the fast fashion.


    The Ordinary Fits #WHITE features a modern atmosphere differentiated from the casual atmosphere of the Standard Line with a new label for Korea. While maintaining the cheerful president, you can feel a simpler and cleaner fit. The original products of buttons, rivets, etc. were all employed, and are highly complete with strong and delicate seals.








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    Dept.1 Collaboration

    The Coworkers is launching a collection with Collaboration products every season based on partnerships with a variety of brands. A line that presents novelty and possibility through a channel called Coworkers, with different identities and specialities.

    Dept.2 Regular

    It's a collection that only shows the colors of the Coworkers, and it's a basic collection that you can share for a long time rather than change.

    Dept.3 Seasonal

    Here's a line that shows you a new collection depending on the season

    Ecru Pants

    This is an eccru colored denim that was designed and released to draw your own on a white canvas by interpreting the washing that naturally occurs after wearing a long period of life denimji denim in reversely.



    Pure Indigo Dyeing Denim Pants

    This is a denim made using custom-made original Coworkers' original fabric from a historical fabric factory that has been weaving fabric since 1947 using indigo-dyeed indigo-dyeed Japan since the 1890s. The basic fabric of denim is a 40's to 50's vintage fabric.





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    " repetition and difference "


    DOCUMENT  started with the name my document.

    Repeated experiences and the process of accumulating them are valuable memories to individuals and have their own specialties.

    The process can turn ordinary life into a special memory. The document is a minimal representation of the process of becoming your own document reflecting the precious memories of each wearer.


    We seek the repetition of subtle differences in the color and quality of raw materials under the theme of 'repetition and difference' of the French philosopher 'GILLES DELEUZE', with a restrained approach to the raw materials.

     It tells the nuances that vary from subtle tone changes in the concentrated color palette to the details found by the wearer by concentrating on the invisible surface rather than the visible appearance.

     It tells the nuance that changes from subtle tone changes in a focused color palette. By focusing on the invisible surface rather than the visible surface, we create details that are found by the wearer.


    Documents are built through the following four agendas.

    The first is the 'my document' record for the designer's personal archive. The second, the 'untitled document', talks about clothing every day, regardless of season, age, or gender. Precious people who want to present my surroundings, people who are not exposed, but who have good taste and discreet consciousness, and clothes that they can wear every day.

    Third, 'documentary' is the result of a visual motive derived from the record of travel.

    And the fourth, 'documentation', is the line that pursues document original through objects and people such as art, books, architecture, and photographs that were influenced when designer jongsoo lee made the document. Through four agendas, we realize that value with a small but constant change.


    Repetition and difference according to French philosopher Gilles Deleuze ;

    There is a difference between those are repeated, creating a different sequence.

    You can say this is a description of Monet's Rouen Cathedral.

    Monet depicted the different painting conditions using same light motif.

    The difference in the repeat is derived from the contrasted difference between the two repetitions.



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  • Ten-C


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    " The Emperors New Clothes "


    The birth of a brand.

    Alessandro Pungeti and Paul Harvey co-deploy this brand to make quality products that are not limited to the season and can be worn for life. Based on the craftsmanship in Japan, all foundations, sewing and dyeing are made in Italy. With a high understanding of the fabric, technical skills, and simple design, the two designers are designing some of their timeless lifestyle based on a simple archive, while also projecting the true value of the craftsmanship to create a lifetime-ready clothing, realizing the concept of "The Emperors New Clots.

    Value of Ten-C.

    The Emperors New Cloths brand name was inspired by naked kings. Their goal is to find value for clothes that are not easily visible. They're launching their own designs that don't change with trends, and they're introducing clothes that can make their value shine over time. It's a Ten-C brand that's available for a long time with all of Mr. Tenn's high quality items.





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