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    " A brand that insists on being the best denim "


    Insists on being the best denim.

    Naked and Famous Denim is not just a brand that makes jeans. The brand focuses only on making perfect jeans and developing the world's best fabrics without resorting to colorful celebrity sponsorship or expensive advertising or campaigns. We don't make any washing denim, do nothing to damage the best fabric, and make the best denim with the best fabric and bring it to market at the most reasonable price.

    Denim of Naked&Famous

    Naked & Famous Denim uses only the finest Japanese selvedge denim fabrics because Japan is the only place in the world that is as passionate about denim as they are. Japanese selvedge fabrics have different characteristics depending on the weaving, and the fabric is made with the soul of the person who is proud of the highest degree of perfection recognized worldwide. Naked & Famous Denim visits a variety of fabric production factories in Japan and is actively involved in producing and developing new fabrics. This brand finds and develops the world's finest fabrics, finishes and sews in Canada to bring denim to the market.

    The meaning of the logo

    The brand name Naked & Famous is a satire of our celeb-obsessed culture. We aim to poke fun at “Hollywood”and “Glamour” brands that sell jeans for $300 and up solely because they are celebrity endorsed, and not because they are higher quality. Our logo is reminiscent of 1950’s Pop-Art. Early Pop-Artists depicted the “ideal blond” as a satire of mass media and mass culture, then fed it right back to them. We intend to do the same. We are probably the only luxury brand that is actually concerned with providing product VALUE to the end consumer.







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    " Made by hand without compromise "


    The Japanese denim brand MOMOTARO JEANS was founded at Kojima Okayama in 2006, where is the birth place of Japanese domestic jeans. Artisan keep inherit the great techniques tradition and at coastal small town, Kojima. We believe “Jeans” are not only fashion items but also the tool for creating lifestyle.


    Those who succeed in life take care of themselves and select only the best quality tools. Quality tools serve as encouragement toward self-betterment and attract good luck and success. Through our Okayama artisan spirit, we understand what denim is to its core, and our unwavering commitment to the intricate art of dyeing, weaving, sewing and washing, results in the highest quality “Jeans”.


    In order to make life, living and the mind richer through jeans (tool), MOMOTARO JEANS is not just a fashion brand that simply offers the latest trends, we are a real clothing brand to be loved forever. For the enjoyable casual life of young-at-heart adults, for the artisans of life who march to the beat of their own drum, we offer jeans as real quality “tools”.



    Why named “MOMOTARO”

    “MOMOTARO” = ”Peach Boy”  is one of very famous fairytale in Japan, The “legend of MOMOTARO” has been passed generations. The legend’s origin are said to come from an “Ura” legend which was has been handed down in Soja-city, Okayama. And many places with mysterious history and culture, remain in Okayama.


    Today, many people know “MOMOTARO” was born from a peach that came floating down a stream, rolling over and over. However the popular “legend of MOMOTARO” from the early Meiji period was actually a story of rejuvenation. In this version, MOMOTARO was not born from a peach, but was born to an old couple who ate the floating peach and regained their youth.


    The rejuvenation version of the “legend of MOMOTARO” was a folk tale for adults and was born as a story representing dreams and vitality to expand from a small island nation across the vast ocean. Since ages long past, people have pursued their dreams in Okayama. MOMOTARO JEANS is also the story of hard-working denim artisans in Okayama pursuing their dreams to “deliver real jeans to the world.”






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    " We are just trying to be authentic to the old world quality "



    Founded by Ed Viberg in 1931, Viberg is the third-generation Canadian boots brand and is still managed by the Ed Viberg family. Even today, Ed Viberg's son, Glen Viberg, makes all boots from production.



    We make Viberg boots with the greatest pride in always making the best quality and quality boots possible and without compromising the highest quality boots.

    “We are just trying to be authentic to the old world quality, which comes at a price.

    It’s something I hold close to my heart and will never change.”



    Viberg builds boots in a traditional way, and all absentees use only the best subsidiary materials in the world. Brass is made from England and uses heavy Spanish insoles and vibram outsoles, Swiss shoe gongs, and leathers from the finest Italian and American leather companies.



    To make a pair of Viberg boots, it takes more than 200 complex and cumbersome tasks. All of these processes are carried out in our own factory by skilled technicians.



    In the last five years, Viberg boots have been expanding their markets with new markets and a variety of attempts to take advantage of the characteristics of boots that represent their lifestyle. We continue to try new things, such as successful collaboration with Nigel Carbon, Inventory Magazine, and Flathead, and constantly test their limits through the right blend of their traditions and new materials.


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    The aesthetics of slow


    Orslow Slogan ?

    OrSlow's slogan began with savoring and creating new clothes with originality. It is a brand that looks back on itself and develops the brand more slowly than anyone at their own pace in countless fashion trends flowing at a dizzying speed.

    Orslow Birth ?

    The clothing market, born in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially clothing derived from work military wear, is loved by many people as a genre of fashion, as well as work clothes. Such basic clothes are produced in the collection which boasted the highest quality that was made only by their particular attention to detail and sewing detail by adding Or Slow's unique design and their sensitivity.

    Here the term "slowly"means

      Crafting original clothes carefully.

      Creating clothes that are adaptable to different styles of different times .

      Presenting the antithesis of a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry and slowing it down .





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    Speciality Cut & Sewn Knitwear


    LOOP AND WEFT is located in Yamanashi, Japan, famous for

    its beautiful nature. This is an ideal artistic backdrop for

    historically passionate craftsmen. In particular, the tradition

    of making cotton fabrics continues for a long time.

    LOOP AND WEFT aims to produce pieces that contribute to

    history and become valuable property, and strive to manufacture

    the highest quality cotton fabrics. LOOP & WEFT fabrics offer

    extreme softness, fit and warmth.








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